Application-Project Drawings

Optimum spatial setups are realized by considering the interests of the contractor and the user at the same time, based on the determined needs program.

 |First of all, a concept project is prepared in this direction.

 |After the approved project, application and point detail projects for the designs are prepared for the contractor during the construction period. All these projecting stages are carried out in an effort to create and implement viable, innovative and qualified spaces.

3D Visualization

 Through advanced architectural interfaces that are used in order to carry out and transfer the design in the best way from the concept stage to the turnkey process;

|Realistic plan and catalog studies

|3D outdoor and indoor rendering works

|Animation and VR (Virtual Reality) studies are carried out.

Renovation – Implementation

Renovation projects begin with understanding and processing the user’s lifestyle and desires and getting to know the person. The project that is prepared in this direction;

|Sustainable and efficient material selection in accordance with visual work

|Application drawings, detail drawings, furniture designs

|All implementation and follow-up processes are carried out together with our skilled team.